Hi. My name is Ho. I am a generalist working in the field of OTT video experience for more than ten years. I’ve been in multiple roles in application development, project management, account management, technical pre-sales activities.  I served media client from various part in the world including US, Australia, South-east Asia, Japan and Greater China Region. Recently, I’ve been helping operators, content owners to kick-start their OTT application development projects on multiple platforms like mobile, web, set-top box and Smart TVs.


While I enjoy all aspects of my job, I am particularly interested in exploring the innovative idea from the industry, trying it out on new prototyping and eventually converting it into a product of our client. I always pay attention to the niche platforms like Smart TV, OTT set-top box, and looks for chances to unveil their full potentials.


I’m interested in hearing from anyone who is interested in OTT field, or just interesting creative folk, so feel free to contact if you’d like to connect.