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Beat Forecast, Not Meet Forecast!

At the start of new year 2020, we all makes wishes or plans. It is always good to set a…

This Apple and That Apple

Recently we have been seeing two unrelated “Apple” companies moving on the same trend: OTT with Subscription.

Aftermath of the first wave from YouTube TV

Though the typical YouTube platform is facing some boycott from the advertising / media buyer for the reason that it fails to avoid pre-rolls to be put on those inappropriate or negative short clips, YouTube is making a new move to strike back. It is the YouTube TV.

A Box or Not for OTT?

“Should we distribute the OTT boxes or builds the apps on every platform?” That is the question.

Next Disruption: Curated Online Videos on Smart TVs  – Part 2 – How Can We Do That?

In the previous article, we have covered the reasoning of why curated online video could be a new disruptive TV experience.

South-east Asia Telcos Rules the OTT Video Streaming Services in the Region

In US, huge pure-OTT video platforms like Netflix, Amazon Videos and Hulu are leading the market. Recently they are challenged…

US consumers spend 42% of their TV time on OTT

Famous software company Adobe joint the research firm The Diffusion Group to survey the video streamers in US. Here are…

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